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Its funny how of all the people in the world, a few close ones cannot be replaced. How those few can make such a lasting impact in your life without even realizing it. People walk in and out of our lives all the time, yet every goodbye hurts just as much as the previous. You’d think after saying goodbyes all your life, you’d learn how to deal with them. Master them like an art. Make them a part of your routine. Like eating, drinking, breathing, and blinking you’d stop noticing them as they happen. But no, it pains the heart and soul just as much, if not more, every time. So you tell yourself never again; never again am I going to let anyone have that power over me. Let them become significant enough to be able to hurt. Yet, life happens. When you least expect it someone comes into your life and before you know it they have you trapped in their cage called love. Love. What a concept. I love you because I need you. I love you because you make me feel wanted. I love you because you listen to me. I love you because you’re always there. I love you because you’re beautiful. I love you because you think I’m wonderful when I know I’m not. Love for all the selfish reasons. Love someone not because you need them, but because you want them. Love them not because they’re wonderfully perfect but because they’re so crazy that they’re perfect. Love not because they’re beautiful but because you want to make them feel beautiful. There is no love nor love stories. Only what we wish vs. what really is. Love between lovers, friends or blood, all ends the same in betrayal. No friend can be trusted and no lover be loyal. Blood is thicker than water which is why it makes a bigger mess when played with. And so it is. Every betrayal leaves new scars; it pokes the hearts with the same intensity and leaves one on the sidewalk all alone. Such goodbyes are the hardest. It’s bitter sweet between what was and what is now. The heart’s a funny thing. It never fully understands the difference between what you think you had and what you actually had. If it did, goodbyes would no longer be as dramatic as we make them to be. After all, how can you miss what you never had?