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Blessings. One could not count them all even if one tried. Being able to walk, blink, breathe painlessly; having normal blood pressure, teeth to chew, swollowing effortlessly, food to satisfy your stomach, water to keep you hydrated; being able to get up and go to the bathroom, having a bed to sleep on, a roof to cover your head under, a jacket to keep you warm, a book to keep you company which you constantly neglect, a pen to change lives which you never pick up, an intellect to make a change which you never take advantage of, a heart to touch souls that you’ve locked up in a freezer, a smile which could brighten up someone’s day that’s forgotten, a hand to help someone desperately in need that’s arrogantly resting in a pocket, a voice to stand up for the innocent and the truth that’s silenced, a 20/20 vision to see the injustices that’s blurred, ears that hear the screams but are deaf, legs that can run and save a neighbor in a burning building that refuse to move. There are countless blessings we are blessed with, I could write a thousand pages book if I were to list them all, that we only become aware of having after we have lost them. You spend your healthy days complaining about the work you have to do when you’d rather just lay on the couch and watch TV, couple of years down the line all you can do is lay on the couch and watch TV and then all you wish for day in and out, is being able to get up and do some work. You spend all your youth wanting to get older, then you get older and you wish you could be young again so you could use your energy and time on things that’ll give your life a meaning and purpose to live. You try your best to get away from your family, annoying siblings, complaining mother, heartless father, needy grandparents, and nosy aunt and uncles only to be left alone with an aching heart, sweet memories and great regret of not realizing their worth while they were still around as you lay in your bed with arthritis knees, grey hair, hunched back, and children who feel the same towards you now. Oh the irony of life. Count your blessings. Again and again.