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Fairytales love fire breathing dragons. There’s always a damsel in distress, most likely trapped in a castle, waiting impatiently for prince charming to free her from prison by heroically slaying  the 10 feet tall, big, green, ugly, fire breathing dragon who has been keeping her trapped for years.  These stories usually end with the infamous “and they lived happily ever after.” It’s too bad real life isn’t a fairytale. There aren’t any happy ever afters and there isn’t just only one dragon that needs slaying. Life is full of big, ugly, fire breathing dragons; sometimes showing up in groups and other times one showing up after the other in intervals. If you were to wait for prince charming to come slay them every time one appeared, you’d be trapped for pretty much your whole life. You have to learn how to deal with the dragon you’re facing yourself. Each dragon comes for a different reason, with unique characteristics and a new face: poverty, disease, loss of a loved one, unemployment, broken heart, betrayal, loneliness, depression, jealously, and the list of faces goes on and on. You can’t treat all the dragons the same way; each requires a new strategy, weapon and plan of attack. Don’t be intimidated by them; dragons were made to be slain. They present an opportunity for you to put on a brave face, even if your pants are wet, and learn something you didn’t even know you had: courage. You may come out injured after some battles, but you’ll always come out stronger. So don’t just keep running away from the dragons you’re facing, find them, take a deep breath, look them in the eyes, and burn those suckers down.