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She was interesting. She was unlike anyone I had ever met. She was quiet. She was indifferent. She was a puzzle I couldn’t solve. I was attractive. I was what every girl wanted. I was well built. I was quite charming. I was what she didn’t care for. They were confused. They didn’t see why I cared. They didn’t see what I saw. They didn’t think it would last. They didn’t know what I knew. She was amazing in every way. I’d walk past her everyday, not once did she ever glance at me. She liked to read. Loved dogs. Didn’t care much about anyone. It took me a year to get her glance, and another year to dare to say hello. It was raining and she was drenched. I shared my umbrella with her. Our first eye contact. She thanked me a little embarrassed; I didn’t have to do this. She usually enjoys the rain but was sick today. Her family a distant dream. She was alone. She was born in Montana. She didn’t drink. She said yes to getting coffee. Our first date. Six months later I couldn’t wait, she said yes to marrying me. She looked beautiful. We had three children. She was perfect. She was what I didn’t deserve. I was the luckiest man. Her hair today, although grey, is just as long and beautiful. Her eyes although have crow’s feet around the corners, just as bright. Her face although winkled, just as graceful and soft. I look at her for the last time. We had vowed till death do us part. I hold her hand, brush her cheek, kiss her forehead, and let her go. Till we meet again.