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SONY DSCLove conquers all. Love is all you need. Love is power. Love is strength. Love love love. We are so obsessed with this idea of love that we lost its true meaning sometime long ago. It has become an over used word; an idea popularized by mass media. A Hallmark occasion. Let’s show your love to someone by getting them a card. Let’s show your parents how much you care by dedicating a day, once a year, to remember their existence; honoring them with a visit and getting them a card to express all that your actions lack. If your significant other buys you anything less than a diamond then he doesn’t love you enough. From a young age a child is brainwashed on what love is though movies like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Little Mermaid, teaching young girls that all their problems and troubles in life will go away once their Prince Charming arrives. He will come and save her; take her to his palace where she’d live like a princess and rule her kingdom. Sadly, life is anything but a fairytale. Girls think every guy that they have a crush on will be the one; he’ll save her, sweep her off her feet and  they’d love each other forever. The need for love is so high that your life is considered incomplete without it. Only problem is, in real life, love is nice to have but it is not all what you need. What you need is food on the table, what you need is bills that need paying, what you need is personalities that compliant, individuals with mutual respect and understanding, what you need is caring, honesty, patience, self sacrifice, compromise, and hard work to make a relationship work. If you have all that then love just comes with the package but not the other way around. Love is not something you find like our society keeps telling us, love is something that finds you. Love is everywhere, we just choose to deny its presence and keep looking for a kind of love that doesn’t really exist. Love is the way a mother looks at her child. Love is a smile a friend gives to another. Love is crying listening to a complete stranger’s story. Love’s jumping out of a warm bed in the middle of the night to run to a sick friend’s rescue. Love is giving others some space. Love is wanting someone else’s success more than your own. Love is so many things and not just a thing between a male and a female. To make it appear or think so, would be quite an injustice to such a beautiful thing.