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It was finally here. The day they had both been waiting for; the moment they dreamt of so many times. There was a buzz in the air, people mingling, guests laughing, children running, and waiters, in their black and white, offering coffee and tea. The ballroom was dressed in lush drapery, carved columns, glittering mirrors, and beautiful crystal chandeliers hanging high above the ceiling. The floral arrangements and candles delicately placed on each table reflected an enchanted, romantic glow. But all that was forgotten and incomparable to the beauty that had just arrived. As she walked down the isle towards the stage, Dean could hardly believe it was really happening. There she was, the woman of his dreams, Leila, looking breathtaking in her wedding gown, her beautiful long hair styled in a ballerina bun, sparkling big brown eyes, walking towards him. How in the world did he get so lucky?! unbelievable. As she entered the room nervously she was overwhelmed by all the eyes on her, cameras flashing, and people cheering until she saw him; he looked as handsome as ever clean shaven in his black suit, with love beaming from his eyes. How in the world did she get so lucky?! Her nervousness went away as she had never been more sure of anything else. As she approached the stage he offered her his hand; they walked hand in hand till the night ended. Anyone present could not help but fall in love with the lovely couple. A party well planned, decorations elegantly designed, and Peroja’s rhinestone flower party favors had all the guests enchanted. Into a limousine jumped the bride and groom off to their new adventures leaving an awestruck crowd behind to new beginnings.