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Love not hate,Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 12.42.27 AM
Love conquers all,
Make love not war.

Love is a reason to live,
Love makes the hurt go away,
Love gives you strength.

Then why has this love ruined  me,
Left me all scared up,
Beaten till unconcious,
Torn my shirt,
Ripped my jeans,
Messed up my hair,
Tossed me onto the sidewalk,
Made me a joke,
Turned me heartless,
Taken away my pride,
Spit on my face.

They said love is like a burning candle,
It lights up everything around it.
What they didn’t tell you is that
Candles are not to be messed with.
If left unaccompanied,
If treated a bit carelessly,
If burned and then forgotten,
The very candle that was a source of light,
Can put the whole house on fire,
And if not contained right away,
Capable of burning the whole neighborhood and forest.
Indeed, Candles are a great way to describe love.

In this battlefield of love I think I survived,
My heart still aches though,
My mind still absent,
My eyes hallow,
My memory fainted.

It was like being in the middle of an ocean,
With each foot in a different ship,
Each pulling the opposite direction.

I was lucky.
I had so much love.
But love always comes with a price.
It always makes you pay up it’s dues.
It tests you, teases you, pains you.
It makes you do things you shouldn’t.
It makes you feel helpless.
It shows up in different forms,
And then it brings you down to you knees
Knocks the air out of you.

Love has its own ways.
It hit me like a tornado,
It shook me up,
It had it’s presence felt,
and then left me with scars to remember it by forever.