alone_by_miaboas-d4dwimh The sound of the ocean. Waves crashing against the rocks. Silence. Another one comes gushing and slowly dies. You open your eyes and see water as far as the sight allows. You look up and the stars sparkle as if there isn’t a worry in the world. Not a soul to be seen anywhere around. You lean back against the secluded rock you’ve climbed a dozen times before. A secrete hiding place. You close your eyes and take a deep breath to enjoy the ocean smell; take in the peace in the sound of waves. Against this vast body of water, an endless sky, and the magnitude of rocks that surround, you realize the fragility of your being. You wonder how people can live their lives thinking the whole world revolves around them. As if their presence is something so special that none else can compare to. When the reality is that a slight change in their brain matter could make them forget their very own existence within seconds. Their fancy cars, vaults full of money, powerful friends, devoted spouse, and loyal children couldn’t help them against the forces in the world. In the end we all end up alone. As you watch the sky change colors from purple to orange you are taken a back by the magnificence of the scene. You can just be in the moment. Think as you want, do as you wish, sit back and not have a worry in the world. There is something so peaceful in that. Accepting that you are alone and to be content with it. How many husband and wives sleep in the same bed, inches apart, yet might as well be two planets apart. How many friends one may have yet feel completely disconnected. How many children one may have raised yet be left to his own devices. We create illusions of not being alone, but sooner or later everyone must face the music and come to the realization of being alone. There is nothing wrong with being alone, the sooner you come to see things for what they are, the easier everything else in life becomes. When you know you are alone you have nothing and nobody holding you back anymore. No more empty promises, broken hearts, expectations from others, and most importantly no more fear of being left alone. You realize what is important and what is not. You realize how easy it is to live a good descent life, full of love and friendships. Everyone is also alone one way or another. So you stop caring for yourself and realize everyone is in this together. We are all alone. And that’s perfectly OK. It is alone that we are lowered into our graves. It is alone that we will answer for our deeds. It is alone we will be held responsible for our lives. Realizing and accepting that you are alone, takes away all the layers of falsehood and sets you free. The sky turns yellow from orange before your eyes. You lean back into the rock and close your eyes to the sound of birds chirping, waves crashing, and the city coming alive.