Sometimes life just sucks. And it’s OKAY! Don’t over think it. Just realize it sucks and that’s all there is to it. Tomorrow will be a new day and maybe it’ll get better. If not, oh wells. What power or control do you have over it anyways? Just keep living I guess. People come and go. Nothing lasts forever. If everyone is moving on with life, then maybe you should do. Holding on to relationships that just aren’t the same anymore is pretty pointless. The journey continues with or without them. Would’ve been nicer with them but you can’t have everything now can you? Maybe you were lucky just to have had an opportunity to be as close to them as you once were. Memories made, laughs shared, love ignited, and lessons learned. Move on. It’s not your fault and it’s not their fault either. It’s just life. They say if you love someone you’d let them go. If you truly love someone just knowing that they are happy out there should be enough for you to be content. Then why do we get so sad and mad when someone doesn’t have as much time to spare for us? Or when they aren’t there for us as much as they used to be? Maybe we never truly loved them. We’re lovers of our experience; we turn to them to feel our own emotions. We don’t love people so much for the good they have done to us as for the good we have done them. So we remember all the things we did for them and feel betrayed. Maybe we should try to remember all the things they had done for us and just be content with that. Be happy it happened, look back and think of them with fondest memories and pray life treats them well no matter where they go, always and forever. And if our paths cross again, may we have nothing but love to share, not resentment.