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One of the oldest questions in philosophy concerns the matter of body and soul. Is there a soul? If there isn’t a soul then all that’s left is a body. In that case how do you explain the differences in personality and character of each individual? As far as science is concerned, each heart beats the same way, each kidney serves the same purpose, and each organ functions identical to any other. Clearly there is something, a Soul, that differentiates one from the other.

Many people speak of this “Soul” as a thing that’s inside them. And they think that they are their bodies. But did you ever stop and think for a moment that maybe it’s not the Soul that’s inside the body but, in fact, it is our body that’s outside our soul? That the Soul is this precious thing that was sent down and delivered into this world within the protection of a house called body. Our thoughts, our actions, our dreams and aspirations are a product of our Soul’s desires, not the body. The Soul is the rider and the body it’s trusted stead.

Have you ever watched a rider on his stallion, bolting through open skies? The awe stuck spectators praising the strength of the beast, the determination in it’s movements, the beauty of it’s being, and the amazing control and grace of the rider? Now imagine if the rider, in love for his Stallion, started to loosen the reigns. Instead of using his wisdom and knowledge to guide the Stallion, he begins fulfilling it’s thirst for adventure, a free run, and risky trails laden with snakes.  Pretty soon the rider looses all his control and the beast takes over. What is to become of such a rider and it’s used to be trusted stead? Both are bound for destruction.

The affair of body and soul is a delicate one. All is well and under control as long as the roles are distinct, expectations clear, and reigns in check. It is when the balance of power shifts, and roles confused, that the real trouble beings. It is the rider’s responsibility to keep a balance, and pull the reigns in time to keep the stead in check and compliant. Otherwise both could be badly injured and neither could survive without the other.