Da-yellow-rulesImagine there was an epic new video game that was released for your favorite gaming console. A free download provided for everyone who owned the machine. The publisher announced an unprecedented award for the gamers who successfully complete the game with breaking the least amount of the handful of rules.  Everyone with the console was eligible to participate. The game is quite simple and players may share learned knowledge and their experiences with each other as they go. However there is a catch; each player will encounter a different obstacle and  have a unique undisclosed amount of time to complete the task. To be fair,  the same set of principals apply to each player and the goal is the same across the board. The winners would have collected the most amount of gold coins. Before the game begins, the publisher warns the players of various “distractions” they should expect to face and advises not to be distracted by them as time is of the essence. The “distraction” are designed to be subtle in recognition and only the players with sharp eyes and  keen minds will successfully move past them without wasting precious time. In addition to the distraction, the publisher warns of walking into the red doors. The worlds entered through the red doors have no gold coins and are designed as such that the time passes a lot faster while inside. As the competition begins, the entrainment news and geek blogs begin blowing up with feedback from gamers participating in the game. A few wise ones share their experiences of how to recognize the distractions and avoid walking through the red doors; while others, the majority losing the game, rave on about the unique worlds designed inside the red doors. The kind of worlds which utilize latest graphics, creatures, ideas, and creativity unmatched in any game ever made. Impressed by the unique worlds inside the red doors, many begin pointing fingers at the publishers saying they warned the general public not to go inside the red doors because those worlds are designed for people with special privileges only. Some believe there is a shortcut through the doors and disregard the publisher’s warnings, while others accuse the company of scam and not having the resources to give out the promised awards after. Those impressed by the uniqueness of the red door worlds begin telling everyone competing in the game to check them out; the deeper you go inside those worlds, the more amazing and epic the things you discover inside them. Gamers determined to win the prize follow the rules and stay focused on collecting as many gold coins in the normal black and white world as they can before their allotted time runs out; while the less focused and gullible ones give into the hype of breaking the rules and following others like themselves into finding an alternative route to success. At the end, those who followed the rules not only got rewarded based on the number of gold coins they had collected, but also got an all exclusive access to the newest, most technologically advanced and mind-blowing software updates. As for others who doubted the publisher’s intentions and got distracted, nothing was left but regret.

This life is like a game. The instructions are sent down with extreme clarity. The warnings all spelled out. Now it’s up to the player to choose which path to take. The task is simple. The reward beyond imaginable. The key to success in your own hands.